Kokouspiste Oy

Kokouspiste is a meeting and congress services agency which, in many ways, puts event arrangers in contact with great conference venues. We serve meeting, gathering and event arrangers in collaboration with our trusted partners. We operate openly, honestly and in accordance with ecological values. We are a one-stop-shop for ordering your entire event.

We are here to serve you and your company quickly and reliably in all matters related to arranging a meeting, conference, seminar or any other kind of company event. We will take care of the entire management of your event on your behalf.

We serve meeting venues and meeting arrangers. This versatile and professional service company with more than 30 years of experience was founded solely for its customers and partners. Excellent knowledge of meeting venues and services guarantee for the customer a successful meeting. Kokouspiste meets its customers' demands.

We are Kokouspiste!

  • We place great value on our customers and partners.
  • We are honest and open.
  • We have drawn up an action plan for our operations and work in order to promote sustainable development.

Kokouspiste is also a responsible advocate for the environment.


Kokouspiste acts as a broker and service provider. We help meeting, gathering, congress and event arrangers to find the best possible venues for their events. We will respond to a request for an offer within half an hour and we will forward it to a number of conference venues that we believe are suitable. The meeting arranger will very quickly receive offers by email. Once the arranger has chosen a venue, we confirm the reservation and cancel any extra services on behalf of the meeting arranger. The event arranger and venue can then agree on specific details. The venue will invoice the event arranger directly.

We provide our customers with advice on the selection of meeting venues and auxiliary services. We invite tenders for meeting venues on behalf of our customers, drawing up a joint offer in a comparable form. We visit the meeting and conference venue with or on behalf of our customer in order to get more familiar with it.

We help our customer to plan the event and take care of participants’ advance registration for the event, registration on site, payment transactions and feedback. We take care of reservations for accommodation, transport and similar, as well as property management. We provide guidance and advice to event participants. We invite tenders for subcontractors and any other required services.  We arrange unforgettable supplementary and accompanying programmes, including dinners. We participate in the planning of the image of the event and its marketing, ensuring that the event is a success. We act in the interests of the event arranger. We are a reliable, patient, professional and cooperative partner.


We help meeting and conference venues to find potential customers, conducting concrete sales work. We arrange different events at which the representatives of meeting and conference venues have the opportunity to meet potential customers and describe their services. Commissioned by you, we bring customers to visit the venue. We also arrange open house events and similar by inviting customers who reserve venues for meetings and events.

Meet people representing various companies who are the real people reserving venues at 90-minute sales events held in various localities. At every event, two or three of Kokouspiste’s partners will be present to describe their services. Events will be held in different towns in the form of breakfast and afternoon meetings.

Kokouspiste Oy
Amerintie 1
04350 Tuusula, Finland
tel: +358 10 325 1850
email: toimisto@kokouspiste.fi

VAT number FI24124841

Päivi Vartiainen
Head of sales and marketing, partner
email: paivi.vartiainen@kokouspiste.fi
tel: +358 50 572 3595

Kaisa Kangasmäki
Event coordinator
tel: +358 50 349 0421